Live By Faith: Be Open

As I read through the first chapter of Habakkuk, I can feel myself in his words – the begging, the pleading, the doubt. I’m there praying out to our Lord while questioning whether He hears me. Does God hear my desperate pleas for the hearts of my children? What about the frantic cries for the leaky roof? The Lord’s response to Habakkuk screamed out at me, answering me with two simple words:  “be open.” How can He answer my cries if I’m not open to His response? How can He answer me if I’m not willing to open my eyes and heart to what’s around me?   Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told. Habakkuk 1:5 ESV   Habakkuk was a prophet around 640-604 B.C. His name is derived from a Hebrew root meaning to embrace. Jerome [5th Centruy A.D.] stated that the prophet was called “The Embracer,” either because of his love for God or because he wrestled with God.1 I often feel my relationship with God is like those awkward hugs from distant family members you don’t really know. I want Him to embrace and love me, yet I can’t help but to cringe against an uncomfortable unfamiliarity with what He is whispering into my heart. If the Lord were to tell me right now the reason behind everything that is going on in my life – would I believe Him? I know that if He were to say, “You are going through these trials because I have amazing things planned... read more

I Don’t Know What Was Missing

Have you ever used those little Dixie cups in the bathroom? You know the ones that are the perfect size for that nightly “I need a sip of water” with the kids. When you leave liquid in those cups for any length of time it disintegrates. The bottom of the little tiny cup is nothing. It can’t hold onto anything, no matter how hard we try to fill it back up. Disintegrated and empty. That’s how I feel by the time Sunday rolls around. There is nothing left of me. There is no support to hold onto any amount of energy I may be able to muster up. Physically, mentally and, especially, spiritually I’m drained. It’s one reason why I find going to church of a necessity. I know what I need to be renewed for the week. Lately, we’ve been attending a “satellite” church. The people are very kind. The children’s program seems to excite the boys when they know they’ll be going there. The first few times we went around Easter we found it physically painful to be there. As a very new church they hadn’t figured out the sound equipment and the bass was always so loud it hurt the chest. We were thrown for a loop the first time we saw that giant screen come down from the ceiling as the sermon is given by a pastor in another state. He’s a great pastor. I enjoy him so much I often go searching for his series on YouTube. However, there is a disconnect. Even though everyone is friendly, there is still something missing. I don’t... read more

A Different View on Parenting

I want to take a new approach to my parenting skills. After my husband and I watched the movie Courageous, I had a yearning inside of me to develop a deeper presence in my boys’ lives. Every smile, twinkle and hug is precious to me. Moments I never want to miss and recollection of the memories have been filling the pages of my journal. A voice from above speaking to me through the tear-stained pages. A sermon that I heard a while back at Grace in Cranberry continues to be perfect timing on God’s part. Parenting. In a different way. Month after month I find myself watching the video and reading my notes from the sermon to continue to work on my parenting skills. Here is what I got from the service and I hope it helps you look at your children in a new way or reassure you on your own parenting practices. “Be different because normal isn’t working” ~ Pastor Matt We have but one perfect father. We should treat our children the way God treats us. “Our Father in heaven hallowed be your name” ~Luke 11:2 Learn to Understand Our Kids God knows us inside and out – how much do we know and understand about our children. Thinking back to when I was a teenager I know I said to my mother countless times that she didn’t get me. Being a mother now I know that it was just typical teenager stuff that I was yelling at my own mother all those years ago. With my own children I need to take the time and... read more

How to Add an Image to Your Blog Post

Many have asked for clarification on adding images after seeing the How to Add a New Blog Post to Your WordPress Site tutorial video. I’m so thankful that you all are finding it to be a great help! When I create the image I make sure it has a few key elements: Image is properly named Add an alt and title tag to image Image does not ‘click’ or open to itself Image does not have a side larger then 600px I use Canva to add fun text to images Reading in your email? Click here to watch the video. HTML Cheat Sheet   Got questions? Ask below or send me a message and I’ll answer it for you!... read more

23 Years of Praying!

How many times have you prayed for your kids? Wow. I have no idea.  I have prayed for my children all their life and my oldest born in 1990.  I prayed before she was born.  Are you praying daily for your kids? I had breast cancer when I was 24 years old and the doctor told me I couldn’t get pregnant for at least 2 years.  I ended up waiting three.  At the time my doctor’s concerns were, pregnancy could cause the cancer to return!  My cancer has not returned and it has now been 27 years!  God is faithful. My baby was born on April 13, 1990, my “miracle baby“, as my doctor called her.  My cancer doctor came to see me the day she was born, 23 years ago and he is still my doctor to this day.  Great man, great doctor!  I was the youngest cancer patient he had ever had. Do You Want God to Bless Your Children?   Sure, we all want our kids blessed by God.  We pray for them all their life and do our best to lead them and guide them as they grow.  I have prayed over my kids and cried for them and with them.  I love my babies!!  There is nothing as special as being a mom!  What a privilege and what a blessing from the Lord! “If you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully keep all his commands that I am giving you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the world. You will experience all these blessings if... read more

How Do I Find Quiet to Pray?

Do you struggle with finding time to spend with God? A moment to really find peace and quiet to read and speak through prayer. Prayer is such and important part of our faith and as a mom of young children it can seem almost impossible to find quite time to pray. Just know you are not alone.   Distractions Life is busy. Kids are demanding. Husband wants attention. Mama is exhausted. Desire When my kids were little and I was a new Christian, I had the desire to spend time with the Lord, but it just seemed like something always came up to distract me.  Before I knew, the day was over and I failed once again to have my Quiet time with the Lord.  I was beat and I would crawl into my bed, start saying my prayers, and fall asleep. Now, I guess falling asleep while praying is a peaceful way to fall asleep, but it does not do much for a better prayer life. Difference I knew God loved me and wanted me to spend time with Him daily, and, I wanted to. I am not sure exactly what made me decide to do something different, whether it was a sermon, or a Sunday school lesson or just someone making a suggestion, but my prayer life changed. I started by praying a prayer and making a commitment to God that I would not go to bed without first getting on my knees and praying. I asked God to give me more of a hunger for Him. Acronym for Quiet time. Q    Quite place – Find a... read more

How To Add a New Blog Post #Video

For some the idea of having a blog and their own place to share and be creative is a wonderful conception. However, the part of actually getting there and jumping into new technology is something of worst nightmares. It really does not have to be scary at all! One huge reason I recommend WordPress (dot org) to everyone is the simplicity. Sure you can start thinking about CSS, HTML, SEO and other capitol letter abbreviations but when it is broken apart it’s very straight forward. Anyone born after the 50’s these days has at least basic knowledge of editing software like Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, or Open Office. If you can type, highlight, and click then you are golden. In this video I will show you how I add a short, image-rich blog post to my site. This isn’t everything that goes into each post but it is a broad overview. If you’d like a one-on-one session to go into a post you have created and break it apart, please let me know. Reading in your email? Click here to watch the video. Helpful Cheat Sheet Throughout the video I mention how to create new paragraphs, formatting the text and even how I added an extra blank line to give some space before the bottom add, the below image has a few of these written out for you.   Have a question you need answered? Leave it below in the comments!... read more

Photos That Remind Me of Summer

It has already been Spring for over 48 hours, but in our neck of the woods it sure doesn’t feel like it. As I was organizing my photo albums I came across a couple of photos from summers past. Photos that made me remember the silky feeling of grass beneath my feet and the smells of fresh earth. This year I’m really looking forward to sowing my garden. We are doing a combination of raised garden beds and containers. I’ll probably grow the same seeds we used last season which includes: beets, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots (LOTS of them), green beans, corn, strawberries, squash, watermelon, lavender, oregano, mint, thyme, parsley, and more. I’m hoping to also be able to can as much as possible to last us during our winters. That’s if Mr. T doesn’t eat it all! He has a thing for yanking the carrots and eating them – dirt and all! Flowers and Bees A Boys’ Dream – Woods, Mud, and Ponds Spiders are God’s Creation What do you look forward to after a long winter?... read more

This Is Me

Howdy! Aloha! Welcome! I am a self-declared nerd. I enjoy being behind the camera. I find refuge with my diffuser and getting high off my essential oils. My four boys keep me busy. My husband keeps me sane. Born and raised in farm country- Amish buggies and all. I dream of someday having a farm and mastering the art of canning!

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