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The True Colors of Social Media

The beauty of social media lies in its potential for reach. For a business, it’s the power to reach individuals or groups that would otherwise never hear your brand name, let alone find out what your brand does. Of course with such power comes great responsibility...

What Size Is That Image?

When approaching your graphic designer or your social media for inbound marketing agencies expert about images for your social media accounts it helps if you know exactly what you are going to need. Many images can be reused with a little resizing but as you see from...

Free Blogging How To Webinar

Since I am asked on a weekly basis about blogging, WordPress, switching to WordPress, making money online [I could go on] I want to let you know about the MomWebs Blog Week event coming up next week. It’s a full week of blogging webinars presented by Mom Webs...

Meet Alaina

Howdy! I'm a self-professed nerd. I enjoy being behind the camera. I find refuge with my diffuser and getting high off my essential oils. My four boys keep me busy. My 2.5 lb puppy keeps me sane. My husband keeps me rooted. Born and raised in Northwest PA's Amish and farm country. I dream of living in the hills of Tennessee.

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Vintage Style {Wedding Sneak Peak}

This has to be by far my most favorite couple to photograph. Not only what the bride amazingly beautiful on the outside she was a gem on the inside too! Touches of their unique personalities could be found on the cake in the form of custom bobble-heads to their guest...

What to Wear Fall Inspired {Family}

You may be in the most gorgeous location with the most amazing photographer *cough* thanks! *cough* but when your entire family is wearing a variety of colors, prints, hues, and patterns it’s just not going to work. The clothing will distract from what’s...

Steves {Sneak Peak}

What a great shoot this was as it was a grand time to visit with a friend and meet her family. This family wanted something casual and relaxed as that is how they are – totally down to earth! It was a great chance to get this family dynamic before it’s...

Catholic Wedding Fun {C + T}

Yes, I got a little teary eyed as I took photos of the bride and her dad just before she walked down the isle. Seeing their interactions and hearing the sweet words it reminded me of my own wedding and the flood of emotions just before I squeezed the blood from my...

One Word: Life {As Is}

One of my favorite blogs, books, groups, communities – whatever your choice word is – that I visit daily is Shutter Sisters. Each day it’s part inspiration, part homework, part beauty. Today is no exception. One Word Project is a community project in...


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