For some the idea of having a blog and their own place to share and be creative is a wonderful conception. However, the part of actually getting there and jumping into new technology is something of worst nightmares. It really does not have to be scary at all!

One huge reason I recommend WordPress (dot org) to everyone is the simplicity. Sure you can start thinking about CSS, HTML, SEO and other capitol letter abbreviations but when it is broken apart it’s very straight forward. Anyone born after the 50’s these days has at least basic knowledge of editing software like Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, or Open Office. If you can type, highlight, and click then you are golden.

In this video I will show you how I add a short, image-rich blog post to my site. This isn’t everything that goes into each post but it is a broad overview. If you’d like a one-on-one session to go into a post you have created and break it apart, please let me know.

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Helpful Cheat Sheet

Throughout the video I mention how to create new paragraphs, formatting the text and even how I added an extra blank line to give some space before the bottom add, the below image has a few of these written out for you.

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