A Lancaster County Christmas {Review}

It’s no secret that I have claimed to have been born in the wrong century. The romance of the dresses, living off the land, and simplicity of years past has always appealed to me. If there were MacBooks and SLR cameras in the 18th century I’d totally teleport myself back then.

Now one of the closest ways in the United States that you can get to yesteryear is through the Amish. Growing up in Northwestern PA it was a common site to see a buggy on the road or to get your jams and pies from the Bylers. She has the best Blueberry Jam e.v.e.r.! This is why I love the books from the series Lancaster County Secrets. So far I have read The Choice, The Waiting, and next on my list is The Search.

The first thing that I’ll point out about Suzanne Woods Fisher writing style is that when she uses the Pennsylvania Dutch language it is then translated into English immediately after the line in italics. I’ve tried reading other Amish books however the ‘dictionary’ printed in the back was annoying to look up each word or line and interrupt the reading flow.

I loved the story. While I’ll try not to spoil anything I just have to say that we all know I love photography and I’ve been working with mentors to become a photographer so the fact that one of the main characters is a award-winning photographer really caught my attention. So I was personally invested in the storyline. Ah the story – so beautifully written and each page puts images in your mind and at points I was actually shivering it described the cold so vividly.

The little boy nailed his father square in the face with a snowball. Jaime’s gaze shifted to the father. She felt a pang of worry for the boy, fully expecting the father to start bellowing. Instead, she saw the father wipe snow dramatically off his face and laugh. Then he chased his son and grabbed him in a bear hug. That sight…it was so unexpected, so charming, she framed it in her mind like a photograph. If her mother were still here, she would’ve turned it into a Currier & Ives type of Christmas card, with such a caption as “The best things to give your children aren’t things!” Suzanne Woods Fisher, Lancaster County Christmas

It is writing like this that brings vivid pictures to the mind and speaks to the soul. Making Lancaster County Secrets a quick weekend read – one that you’ll enjoy more while snuggled up next to a crackling fire and sipping rich hot cocoa with just the right balance of mini marshmallows on top. The back and forth between lose and discovery will speak to anyone, from any walk of life – from any era!

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Finer Details: I received my book part of the Litfuse Publicity Group’s book tour for A Lancaster County Christmas. While the book was free I did put in my time to read this book although that was fun too!!! My opinion is and will always will be my own.

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