Discover Essential Oils with Alaina Frederick
Discover Essential Oils Alaina Frederick

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Happiness in a Bottle

I was a true skeptic. I had heard how awesome essential oils were so I found a company that had “inexpensive oils”. I used them and thought they were okay but never saw a dramatic difference from before using them – except the house did smell pretty.

Then I received a Premium Starter Kit as a gift from a friend, which included the Citrus Fresh essential oil blend. Zoooommmyygoooshhh! It was like night and day. Now, the Citrus Fresh essential oil blend is the first thing I reach for in the morning. I put a few drops in my Bamboo Diffuser to wake the house up and make it make it smell like SUMMER. Then I discovered how awesome it is to put 2-3 drops into my all glass water bottle. HOOKED … I signed up to receive the wholesale discounts so I’d never run out of my happiness in a bottle again!

Discover Essential Oils Alaina Frederick

Why I Say Yes to Essential Oils

We did the cloth diapers. We still do the babywearing. So finding something that is natural to help relieve stress, anxiety, ouchies, colds, and replace the chemical cleaners only seemed like the next step for our family.

Our eldest son has Autism. The dad of the house snores. I, the mom, have major anxiety and panic attacks. A blend of Cedarwood, Vetiver, and other oils has brought focus and a sense of calm to our son. A protocol of Valor relieves the snoring and allows us to sleep in the same house. Citrus Fresh has not only helped me have a more positive outlook on life, but it has also helped me shed weight and *gasp* fit into those hopeful-bottom-of-the-drawer-pants.

Vivid Oils Essential Oils Free Course

[viv-id] adjective

very bright; having a very high saturation or purity; produced by a pure or almost pure agent

What you’ll discover

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»What essential oils are
» How to make essential oils go farther
» Hundreds of uses for the Everyday Essential Oils
» Essential oil uses for your animals
» How to keep stretch marks minimal during pregnancy
» Ways to use essential oils to aid in weight loss and detoxing
» Simple ways to keep your home clean without toxic chemicals
» How to use essential oils safely around children
» Super easy DIY recipes using essential oils
» How to buy essential oils and get free stuff
» and much more!
Discover Essential Oils Alaina Frederick

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