What I Do

My goal is to free you from the obstacles and technology curves that take you away from creating the life and business that you have envisioned. Let’s keep the nitty-gritty in check so you may focus on growing your business.

Web Presence Consulting

Over a decade I have felt the pain of many entrepreneurs in the frustration of what to do with their online presence and using the technology, through our time together we’ll develop strategy and know how that is perfect for you.

Tech & WordPress Support

From websites to email marketing the tools of the trade are always changing…I’m here to help guide you on the best tools for your business.

Website & Brand Development

Developing an online presence is overwhelming, sometimes you just need a Yoda to guide your Jedi to create the success and freedom you visioned when you started your business.

Domain & Web Hosting

I offer reliable and affordable website hosting. Don’t have a website or need guidance in what domain name to register (there is a formula for creating a domain name)…that’s what I’m here for!

Not Sure What You Need?

I know how challenging owning a small business can be. Lets talk on how I can help you navigate those technical twists with ease to keep the business growth flowing.

What the Cool People Say

Alaina has experience managing multiple blogs and their associated social media accounts. Alaina has extensive experience using Hootsuite to manage client accounts and completed the entire Hootsuite University training. Businesses needing someone to manage their blog, blog outreach, and social media activities should definitely consider hiring her.

Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist, GrowMap

Alaina is truly one of the most amazingly diverse person I’ve ever worked with! She is talented in many areas – from bookkeeping, blogging, website design and implementation to affiliate marketing, and SEO optimization. We worked together on many different projects and for different clients and I have never enjoyed working with someone as much as I have with Alaina. You want her on your team!

Renae Hartson

Chief Creative Dog, Media Dogz LLC

I really enjoyed working with Alaina when she helped me with my blog site. I am impressed with her thorough, advanced knowledge of WordPress, and is resourceful and solution-oriented whenever I needed help.

Elena Verlee

Publicist, Entrepreneur, PR in Your Pajamas

Alaina has truly been a dream come true for our company. As an organization that experiences a busy season, the ability for us to scale up or scale down our administration team does wonders for our bottom line. Alaina is put together extremely well, very personable, and really enjoyable to work with. We’ve changed communication styles from email, to Skype, to text, to Voxer, and everything else in between, and she’s happily accommodated us. I really like her flexibility, and the way she’s truly taken ownership of the role as it is in our company is wonderful. Highly recommended.

Danny Zoucha

COO, Midwest Best Equipment

Alaina | 4b has done a great job at keeping my website live and have been readily available for questions regarding my site. I have had no problems with using Alaina | 4b and would recommend to everyone for hosting.

Kate Funk

Creator, Ready-Made Preschool

TheMotherhood.com has worked with Alaina on a number of national brand projects, including campaigns for Hebrew National Hot Dogs and Libby’s. Always enthusiastic and creative, Alaina approaches and implements projects with smarts, energy and resourcefulness. She is a joy to work with and always produces great results.

Cooper Monroe

Co-Founder, TheMotherhood

Tools I Work With

Just a small sampling of the technology we frequently use for past and current clients.

Not Sure What You Need?

I know how challenging owning a small business can be. Lets talk on how I can help you navigate those technical twists with ease to keep the business growth flowing.

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