One of the first things I tell people when they are creating a website or purchasing a domain is to set up their email accounts. It is much more professional to give out verses Not only does it look better on your business cards but it does more then that. Every time someone emails you the domain name is in their head. It reminds them of who YOU are and hopefully they’ll take a moment to stop by your domain.

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How to Create Email Accounts in cPanel and Gmail


  • Log into your cPanel
  • Navigate to the Emails section
  • Click on Accounts
  • Add whatever email accounts you may need


  • Log into your Gmail
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Click on Accounts and Import
  • Add a new POP3 email
  • Make sure to set it to also “send as”
  • Create your signature for each email account

Sound too easy? Check out this video for step-by-step directions for how to set up your email accounts in your cPanel and then manage all of them right from Gmail.

Reading in your email or RSS reader? Click here to watch the video.


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Alaina Frederick is a wife, mother of 4 (boys!), and a self professed 'nerd'. Most important, Alaina is a woman on a journey to be fully consumed by God. Afflicted with an illness called trichotillomania, Alaina has learned the true beauty of what God can do with the ashes of life.

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