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Alaina Frederick is a wife, mother of 4 (boys!), and a self-professed “nerd” who loves the Weather Channel|NatGeo|Discovery|BBC, curling up in front of a crackling fire, and drinking a fair trade, organic cup of hot tea.

Alaina has been blogging and self-teaching herself the tools of the trade since 2004. She holds many digital marketing certifications, been featured in the Power Moms: The New Rules for Engaging Mom Influencers Who Drive Brand Choice by Maria Bailey and honored with a Top Mom Blog mention by Babble.

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The Always Evolving List of Experience

Over a decade I have been working as a freelancer with a number of different companies from marketing agencies geared towards moms to a company that sells radiant heaters. I’ve also worked a bit for myself on numerous blogs, one even earning a ‘Top Mom Blog’ award from Babble. Throughout this time I have completed many certificate classes and used dozens of software programs.

    Some of the Software Used:

      • Active Campaign
      • Apple iWork
      • ClickFunnels
      • Adobe Acrobat
      • HootSuite
      • 1Shopping
      • WooCommerce
      • Divi
      • Audacity
      • WordPress
      • AccountEdge
      • FreshBooks
      • Quickbooks [Online/PC]
      • Salesforce
      • MailChimp
      • ZenDesk
      • BuddyPress
      • Insightly
      • Asana
      • Divi for WordPress
      • Orderbot
      • CoSchedule
      • InfusionSoft
      • Canva
Alaina Frederick LOGO
Alaina Frederick LOGO

Web Presence Consultant
4B Services/Sole Proprietor

Certificates of Completion & Certification

Customer Value Optimization Specialist
Digital Marketer
April 2017

Inbound Marketing Certification
Inbound University by HubSpot
January 2013

Analytics & Data Specialist
Digital Marketer
December 2016

HootSuite Certification
HootSuite University
April 2013

Accounting Fundamentals
Jamestown Community College
April 2014

Social & Community Specialist
Digital Marketer
December 2016

InDesign CS6 Certification
Jamestown Community College
June 2014

As the office manager for MBE, I am responsible for all the daily operations of the company which includes but not limited to: customer service, invoicing, purchasing, inventory management, website updates, development of company procedural manuals, and social media. I also completely redid the company WordPress website to a fresh, hip layout that better suits their personality.

    Software Used:

      • Google Office
      • DropBox
      • ZoHo
      • WordPress
      • RingCentral
      • Asana
      • Quickbooks [Desktop PC]
      • OrderBot
      • Intuit Payment Network
      • Insightly
      • GoToMyPC
Midwest Best Equipment LOGO

Office Manager
Midwest Best Equipment

As a mortgage escrow representative I had the privilege of working in many areas of development including but not limited to: customer service [phone & written], confidentiality in a finance setting, development of insurance processing procedures, and year-end escrow analysis. My claim to fame at NWS is that I was the “go to girl” for any escrow analysis that was off and the discrepancy couldn’t be found.

    Compliance Courses Completed:

      • Customer Service
      • Client & Corporate Confidentiality
Northwest Savings Bank Headquarters LOGO

Mortgage Escrow Representative
Northwest Savings Bank

During my enjoyable time with the Holiday Inn of Warren, I had the opportunity to perform an array of customer service tasks, handle reservations for local guests, run nightly audit reports, and verify housekeeping tasks. While on duty one night a faulty fire alarm caused panic throughout the hotel, being the only staff member it was my job to keep guests calmed and informed, as well as handle disgruntled guests during early morning checkout.

Holiday Inn Front Desk Agent Night Auditor

Front Desk Agent; Night Auditor
Holiday Inn of Warren, PA

Warm and Fuzzies from Super Awesome People

Alaina has truly been a dream come true for our company. As an organization that experiences a busy season, the ability for us to scale up or scale down our administration team does wonders for our bottom line. Alaina is put together extremely well, very personable, and really enjoyable to work with. We’ve changed communication styles from email, to Skype, to text, to Voxer, and everything else in between, and she’s happily accommodated us. I really like her flexibility, and the way she’s truly taken ownership of her role as it is in our company is wonderful. Highly recommended.

Danny Zoucha

Cheif Operating Officer, Midwest Best Equipment

In the last 8 years that I’ve known Alaina, she has proven to me over and over again just how great she is with keeping people happy and at the same time, she has a great mind for tech. Her experience with social media management and customer service is phenomenal. She is a self-starter and when there’s a need for a technical solution she will not stop until she finds it. Alaina has vast experience in WordPress and an eye for captivating through her graphic design skills. Any company that has her on the team is blessed.

Eren McKay

Social Media Stategist, Eren McKay

I really enjoyed working with Alaina when she helped me with my blog site. I was impressed with her thorough, advanced knowledge of WordPress, and she has been very resourceful and solution-oriented whenever I needed her help. On the personal side, Alaina is a beautiful person inside and out. I have witnessed her step out of her comfort zone many times, in order to help others achieve their goals. She is a real role model for giving and generosity.

Elena Verlee

Publisist, Entreprenuer, PR in Your Pajamas

Alaina has been blogging even longer than I have (8 years as I type this). We have been collaborators for years. She has experience managing multiple blogs and their associated social media accounts. She has extensive experience using Hootsuite to manage client accounts and completed the entire Hootsuite University training. She also has Inbound Marketing certification. Businesses needing someone to manage their blog, blog outreach, and social media activities should definitely consider hiring Alaina.

Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist, GrowMap

TheMotherhood.com has worked with Alaina on a number of national brand projects, including campaigns for Hebrew National Hot Dogs and Libby’s. Always enthusiastic and creative, Alaina approaches and implements projects with smarts, energy and resourcefulness. She is a joy to work with and always produces great results.

Cooper Munroe

Co-Founder, TheMotherhood

Publications, Awards & Certifications

Analytics and Data Specialist Certified
Social and Community Manager Certified
Customer Value Optimization Specialist Certified
Featured in Power Moms
Babble Top Mom Blog

9 Fun Facts About Me

I write all my blog posts via HTML.

I cloth diapered my kids and sold ’em too (the diapers, not the kids!).

I love the smell of manure and the sounds of Amish buggies.

I have FOUR boys and we homeschool them.

I’ve been married since 2003; we’ll be renewing our 15th wedding vows in Australia!

I’ve been blogging since 2004 (back before it was cool)!

I’ve walked inside the Putala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet.

If I snorted – then your joke was super, duper funny!

I make a mean gourmet grilled cheese sandwich.

Alaina Frederick Web Branding Consultant

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